Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen Events & Retreats

La Palma, Canary Islands March 2019

Enjoy a whole week on the island of La Palma on this Conscious Kitchen Hiking Retreat.  Take a trip back in time and disconnect from the busy-ness of life. Expect laughter, inspiration and a really beautiful experience during our week together. This retreat is a profound, yet informal opportunity to deepen your connection with nature, re-set your rhythm back to one that allows you to breathe and inhale the joy and beauty of life. Connect with beautiful friends, be yourself, listen to the guidance of your soul and enjoy soul-inspired conscious cuisine.

Click here for full info: Hiking Retreat in La Palma with Trinity

Near Lund, Sweden OCT 2018

I will be holding a weekend “Conscious Kitchen” workshop in the Lund region of Sweden,  from the 26th – 28th of Oct 2018. It will be a whole weekend of divinely inspired, soul-infused, delicious together.

This workshop is all about inspiring your passion in the kitchen, using healthy, compassionate, plant-based ingredients. You’ll take away new ideas and tips for bringing high vibrational food into your own daily life.

Click here for full info: Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen Workshop oct 2018

Recently completed retreats

Glastonbury, England July 2018

Enjoy five days learning how to create the most delicious, healthy cuisine this summer. Expect laughter, inspiration and a really beautiful experience. This hands-on summer school is an informal, yet comprehensive course offering the perfect opportunity to deepen existing knowledge and ignite your passion for inspiring healthy plant-based ‘conscious kitchen style’ food.

With over 23 years experience of creating conscious cuisine, combined with my depth of spirituality and inter-connectedness with sentient life, it promises to be an uplifting and soul-inspiring course.

Click here for full info: Trinity’s Summer School July 2018