Easy Vegan Winter Squash Soup with Coconut & Love Love Love

There are infinite ways to make soup and a few simple things that make them work. Today I am sharing a super easy squash soup.  This tasty soup works because it benefits from the creaminess of the squash and coconut infused with a gentle blend of various warming spices. It's easy - as long as [...]

Carrot & Ginger “Warm Your Heart” Soup with Coconut & Lentils (vegan)

Like many of us living in cooler climates, I find myself getting excited about soups and warming foods as the chillier weather creeps in. In some ways, maybe I am just a bit strange in that my body seems to go into some sort of shock when it gets cold outside. I seem to get [...]

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Coconut & Love (vegan, gluten-free)

I have a bit of a thing for mushrooms. My body starts missing them if I go without for more than a few days. The body speaks, so I have long since suspected that they are having a beneficial effect on my health that expands beyond a basic level of nutrition. There are gazillions of different [...]

Turmeric & Ginger Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut Milk

Goodness me this soup is delicious! There is something about the way that the warming spices dance with the sweetness of the coconut and sweet potato. This combo creates a special blend of delectableness. This recipe benefits from fresh ginger and garlic, whilst using dried ground turmeric and pepper. A lot of people have these [...]

Chilli Black Bean Soup with Mushrooms, Coconut & Sweet Potato

When it comes to soups I don't think I've ever made the same one twice (except when developing a recipe for my blog or books of course). The other day I was thinking about creating a soup that my both my 18-year-old son and myself would like. My son adores chillies and often has a [...]

Leek & Beetroot English Winter Soup Recipe with Garden Herbs

When the winter kicks in, soup seems to get all the more cozy and inviting. It's that warm nurturing 'ahhhhhhhhh' feeling. I enjoy popping down to the local farmers market (with my hat and gloves on lol) and seeing what organic produce is in season. Local organic stuff seems to be brimming with so much [...]

Creamy Coconut Cauliflower Soup with Nutmeg & Rosemary

This recipe is based on a delicious soup from my first book Trinity's Conscious Kitchen. We've enjoyed this in many forms over the years here at my house and it's always been popular on retreats with guests. I can't say that it is one particular ingredient that makes this soup special. It's a combination of [...]

Creamy Tomato & Rosemary Soup with Sweet Potato & Lentils

Ok here we go! The colder weather is on it's way here in the Northern Hemisphere. Out come the pans - warming soups are suddenly on the menu again. That nurturing, heart-warming feeling - ahhhhhh. The thing everyone loves about soup is that you can make them all in one pot. That means they are [...]

Coconut, Mint & Pea Soup “out-of-this-world delicious” – Healthy vegan recipe

This is perhaps one of the most popular soup recipes that I make. When I say popular, I mean, judging by the response I get when I serve this to group. Oh my goodness, on the most recent retreat I catered for in Sweden, I was absolutely showered with 'OMG, this is the best ever' [...]