Hi and welcome to Trinity’s Kitchen!

My name is Trinity and I’ve enjoyed a healthy plant-based diet for over 23 years, experiencing optimal levels of health along the way. After feeling an incredible depth of compassion for all sentient life, I switched to a vegan diet over-night and have never looked back.

My recipes have been developed over many years of catering as a retreat chef. Having only ever served plant-based, wheat-free, conscious cuisine free without refined sugar I’ve been guided to create a plethora of new, original, vibrational raising recipes from scratch. My food has inspired many people to adopt a much more conscious way of eating food, which is a really humbling experience.

I am a recipe book author having published 2 recipe books, ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen’ (December 2013) and ‘Angelicious – Food for a New Paradigm’ (November 2015). These books are brimming with tried and tested recipes that I’ve served over many years of catering for retreats and workshops; inspired by the amazing feedback that I often get.

So, what really stirs my soul?

I live my passion, doing what brings me joy. I embrace whatever stirs my soul and hope that it will inspire others to find that same depth of inspiration with themselves too. My purpose is to help others find a new, kind, compassionate and healthy way of being so that they might really unleash their true inner potential and divine beingness! I believe that what we eat is really important… for ourselves, for our fellow animals and for our planet. My books are divinely inspired invitations into a world of transformational conscious eating.

Compassion for all sentient life

Everything is energy! The energy of our food directly impacts sentient life on all levels. By embracing a plant-based diet of the most conscious kind (organic, local, homegrown) we find a natural affinity and respect for all life. We begin to steadily raise our vibration and attune to the divine flow of the universe.

Balancing mind, body and spirit to unfold a higher paradigm

Most people who eat this way not only experience optimal health but also greater spiritual, mental and emotional clarity. As well as nurturing our own body on a physical level, we honour Mother Earth, facilitating an infusion of energy to catalyse our spiritual growth.

All of the recipes I share have been prepared and created lovingly to send out an energy designed to infuse ever greater levels of higher consciousness into our world. They invite you to explore what is right for you; to enfold what resonates into your daily life and allow your radiant beingness to permeate ever further outwards touching those around you.

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Spiritual evolution

To me, being spiritual is about unleashing the soul and allowing it to guide our actions in every moment. Once we touch the soul, we can’t help but feel the inter-connectedness of all life. The deepest compassion is a natural unfoldment of that. I began my journey into conscious eating after a profound spiritual awakening in 1995. The world I knew before fell away, like a worn out skin. I felt a depth of love for all sentient life that meant I couldn’t knowingly make choices that caused harm again.

Everything I share is from my soul to yours, infused with love the energy of higher consciousness that has supported me so immensely over the years.

I’m inspired by listening to the guidance of my soul. I encourage us all to listen to the soul and embrace the unique guidance it brings as we journey into a higher paradigm of conscious food preparation and spiritual evolution.

Anything else?

Apart from all of the above, I’ve lived a rather varied life with far too much stuff going on to mention. I’m English, although I’ve lived in Germany, Switzerland, Sussex and have spent a lot of time in Hawaii. I now live in Somerset in the South West of England (born in Northumberland). I’m resourceful, love gardening, have been a homeschooling mother, facilitate guided meditation workshops, do sound healing, love spending time in nature, adore hiking, love taking photos (especially of food!), enjoy creating and editing video.

I’ve done a lot of amazing stuff, but I prefer just feeling what is here in the moment unless it comes up in conversation hahaha.

Soul to Soul