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My favourite MACA Powder (USA)

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Hemp & Beet Veggie Burger Recipe – gluten-free & vegan

When it comes to sharing veggie burgers, nothing brings me more joy that seeing the look of delight on my friends faces when they take that first bite. Not only do I want people to be transformed on a magical journey of deliciousness when they eat my food, but I also want my burgers to [...]

Golden Veggie Crumble Pie with Creamy Coconut Sauce

Hands up who is feeling the need for some super healthy feel-good comfort food! Today's recipe is exactly the sort of thing I might make when creating cuisine for a large group of people on retreat. It's nurturing, delicious, nourishing and keeps everyone delightedly happy. It also works well if you are cooking for one, [...]

What I am having for Christmas Dinner (totally plant-based & gluten-free)

This year I'll be having Christmas Dinner with a small group of friends and family. We'll all be enjoying a table filled with totally plant-based, gluten-free, healthy deliciousness. Consciously preparing cuisine, with love, means that we can truly celebrate in style and know that we are honouring other sentient life in the process... Of course [...]

Creamy Coconut Chickpea Curry Recipe (and why I love fair-trade ingredients)

A curry is a dish of food pieces cooked in a richly, spiced sauce. Every region of the world has it's own style and technique, often inspired by whatever is available locally. Unlike much of the world's population, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to buy ingredients from all over the world in my [...]

Crustless Vegan Quiche – gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free

Traditionally, a quiche is an open, pastry flan dish, made with eggs, milk, a wheat-based crust and filled with whatever is in season. Of course, here at Trinity's Kitchen, I don't do anything 'traditionally', instead, creating my cuisine with dairy-free, egg-free and wheat-free ingredients. I must admit, 'back in the day', I used to love [...]

Grilled ‘Falafel Carrot Burgers’ (glutenfree, vegan)

Falafel originated in the Middle East and has since become a popular alternative to meat. These days, it makes a regular appearance in fast food trucks and health food outlets all over the western world. It is typically deep fried, although I’ve always opted to create a much healthier baked or grilled alternative.

Thai Coconut Curry with kaffir lime leaves and butternut squash

The recipe I am sharing here today, totally excites my taste buds with a tantalizing medley of warming spices. This ‘Thai Coconut Curry’, uses kaffir lime for a tangy kick; cardamom pods for an exquisite burst of sweet, spicy excitement; coriander, turmeric and lots of other delicious things. I use creamed coconut to give it a full tropical coconut experience (see below for more about the coconut that works best for this recipe).

Sweet Stuffed Pepper with Beet & Sunflower Seeds (video) gluten-free, vegan

I adore finding new and healthful ways to incorporate beetroot into my weekly diet. Beetroot is often over-looked as an 'I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-it' type food. Well worthy of our attention, it is ridiculously healthy - right up there with the healthiest of foods.