Masala Chai Rooibos ‘Tea’ Recipe with Health Benefits

Let's talk about Masala Chai! Chai actual means tea. Masala means spices. Easy. People adore the fragrant, soul-nurturing infusion of a good chai that permeates to the core. It can warm you up in the depths of winter, keeping you bright in the summer. It ensures that your mind stays sharp whilst imparting a relaxed [...]

Ginger & Hemp ‘Heal Yourself’ Power Smoothie

So, I fell down some steps nearly a week ago. It was a sort of pitch black moment of distraction. I completely missed the last step, doubling over on my foot, giving it a very nasty twist. Oh my goodness, did I ever fall! The pain was so excruciating I was very close to blacking out [...]

Ginger Ninja Flu Shot Juice To Blast Away Those Nasties!

There's nothing like a Ginger Ginja Flu Shot Juice to blast away those nasties! During the colder months, with central heating, confined spaces and less fresh air we are exposed to so many more viruses, like the flu. I am however, pleased to say that I have a few tried and tested tricks to keep [...]

Why I Love Juicing? It’s a life changer!

Juicing ranks right at the top of happy, healthy things to do in life! It has changed my life so much that I can't imagine being without it. I tend to juice about three times a week, although I'll juice more if I am feeling under the weather. I almost always juice in the mornings [...]

Woman’s Wellness Juice – to love yourself beautiful

This recipe is all about helping to nurture ourselves as women amidst the unique sensitivities and challenges we have to deal with. I just want to say to other women that I honour and celebrate your beingness. This juice is ESPECIALLY for you... This juice is an awesome women's 'pick-me-up'. I love the way that [...]

Fresh ‘Herbal Elixir’ Juice – a green superfood drink

This week I've embarked upon a juice 'fast'. It involves drinking only freshly pressed juices, coconut water and the occasional herbal tea. For me it's a detox for the mind, body and spirit. It is giving my digestive system a chance to rest, whilst my body focuses more on deep cleansing. It heightens my senses [...]

Moringa Superfood Smoothie with maca, flax seed and tahini

This smoothie is so incredibly delicious that I am enjoying it a few times a week at the moment. I started making up this particular blend to give myself a super infusion of nutrition. It contains some of the healthiest and nutritious plant-based foods on our planet.

Hemp Power Protein Smoothie – superfood health infusion

Hemp is a superfood; one of the most amazing plants for human health that exists on our planet. It’s over-flowing with nutrients, so much so, that I insist on incorporating it regularly into my already super-healthy, plant-based diet.

Immune system Juice Boost and perfect jet lag remedy

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Vancouver Island with my husband. We were working with the most beautiful group on retreat and my role was to provide nourishing, conscious cuisine all week long. I was in my element doing what stirs my soul. It was all quite magical.

Green Superfood Smoothie jam packed with health benefits

Everything in my world just flows much better when I get my day off to a good start with a vibrant breakfast. It frees up my energy so that I can give myself more passionately to my projects, my relationships and my work. It just makes the world a better place. What I decide to eat plays a really important role in that. I like to feel that every morsel weaves nourishment through every cell of my being; filling me with top quality plant-based protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.

Cashew & Vanilla Nice Spice Smoothie Recipe

If you fancy a healthy, creamy smoothie then it must be said… cashew nuts work wonders. They are excellent for those on a plant based diet or those looking for healthier options; creaming up really well, satisfying the desire for something rich and delicious. They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein and loads of health-promoting phyto-chemicals that help protect us from diseases and cancers.

Fennel ‘digestion aid’ tea recipe with ginger and lemon verbena

Digestion is a fascinating topic. Healthy digestion is essential for optimal wellness; without it we don't absorb the nutrients from our food; we end up de-energised, under-the-weather and at worst, develop chronic illness as the digestive systems fails to delivery what is necessary to repair, maintain and uphold our day to day health. Most people [...]

Pecan & Mango Smoothie with vanilla & cinnamon (dairy free, vegan)

Pecans are rich, buttery nuts that are native to southern parts of the USA. They have an impressive nutritional profile; rich in essential fats, protein, anti-oxidants, are anti-carcinogenic and are full of minerals and vitamins (especially from the B family). I don't buy them too often, although when I do, I favour the good quality [...]

Blueberry & Lemon Cashew Smoothie

When it comes to making smoothies the limit is your imagination. There are so many different combinations possible that you could enjoy a different smoothie every day of the year. Some blends, do however, really dance together… like this blueberry, lemon & cashew breakfast smoothie. […]

Ginger Power Detox Juice

I’ve noticed that whenever I drink fresh, organic vegetable juice my energy levels go through the ceiling. I feel energised and vibrant; so much so, that I’ve incorporated vegetable juicing into my weekly rhythm as a general health and wellness tonic. Juicing fresh vegetables, herbs and spices like ginger, can be an excellent way to reset your system and cleanse. It’s perfect to help yourself recover from illness and disease. Juicing gives the body the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, whilst recharging the system with potent vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. […]

Dairy-free Hot Chocolate Drink (no refined sugar either!) video

There’s nothing quite like a nurturing mug of hot drinking chocolate. It’s like a heart-warming soulful hug from a friend that just can’t help but make you feel loved. Like all my recipes, this version is free from dairy and refined sugar. Using only three ingredients, it’s super quick and easy to make. Enjoy! […]

Making a ‘super healthy veggie juice’ video guide

Juicing is awesome. There are few things in life that give you such a rapid infusion of nutrients and can make you feel so vibrant and alive! I often hear people telling me that they really want to get into juicing, but they don’t have enough time. Given the incredible benefits that juicing can bring it really needs to find it’s way right to the top of our priority list. In fact, my own experience is that drinking fresh vegetable juice actually frees up energy and give me more time to do the things I love! […]

Sunrise Smoothie (coconut, banana, mango & pineapple)

There's nothing like a bit of healthy luxury every now and again; especially when enjoying a few days of well earned R&R! This smoothie is rich in healthy fats for a somewhat creamy, indulgent treat. I use canned coconut milk (rather than the sort you might use for breakfast cereal etc.). I use the purest, [...]

Beet-iful Mint Detox Juice

The awesome thing about juice is that you can get a fast infusion of powerful nutrients quickly. Whole foods (along with all their fibre) are very beneficial for health, yet there are times when it can be really supportive to drink freshly juiced fruits and vegetables for an amazing health boost too. There is almost nowhere left to hide from the unnatural pollutants in this world, so even ‘healthy’ people can use a super infusion of  juice goodness on a regular basis. […]

Blackberry Superfood Smoothies

Blackberry season is well underway here in the UK, with a bumper crop of deep purple fruits adorning the wild hedgerows. If we take the time to explore, we easily find that mother nature brings us the most amazing bounty of freely available superfoods – like blackberries – without the need of spending a small fortune on supplements. These tasty, sweet berries are loaded with anti-oxidants,  making them an excellent choice against free-radical damage and for healthy cardio-vascular support. Not only have they been shown to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties they are also rich in vitamin C and manganese. […]

Plum & Raspberry Smoothie

Until recently it just never occurred to me how delicious plums would be in a smoothie. I’ve been totally blessed with a small Victoria Plum tree, bearing the juiciest, sweetest fruits. After enjoying them straight off the tree in abundance, I’ve been trying all sorts of ways to embrace this bountiful harvest. As well as pies, crumbles and warm stews, it turns out, they make an absolutely delectable smoothie too. They work a treat with a handful of berries and a little ‘je ne said quoi’. […]

Which juicer do I recommend for health?

Juicing can change your life. I know so many people who’ve experienced aggressive health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease, chronic fatigue, depression etc. who have turned to juicing (along with a healthy plant-based diet), radically reclaiming their health! And there are loads of people like me, who really value health (long before the need for it to go downhill); embracing juicing and healthy eating is an excellent preventative measure… Juicing is an awesome way to get a rich infusion of powerful nutrients, really quickly. […]

Dandelion & Apple Detox Juice

I was feeling a bit sluggish last week. We do admittedly, have a very busy schedule here at our place; and with such a soul inspired life, I have infinitely more ideas (and things I’d love to create), than I can ever realistically put into action. Regulating and managing my ‘resting’ time isn’t one of my virtues either. Let’s see… what else has been making me feel over-stretched? Dare I say – Perhaps I’ve been over doing it a bit with the conscious desserts too. Gulp! Sweet treats are just so irresistible and once I get started, it’s difficult to take my foot off the pedal! And, of course, when writing a new recipe book they all need testing! What a tough life having to try out such a plethora a amazing delights. […]

How to make a delicious, creamy ‘Garden Berry Smoothie’

There’s something deeply satisfying about the vibrant sweetness of a summer garden berry smoothie, especially with fruit freshly gathered from your own raspberry and strawberry plants (if you are fortunate enough to grow your own that is). For years, my soft fruit crops never seemed to yield enough to allow me to bring any back to the kitchen, because I’d devour them straight off the plant! These days, I feel incredibly blessed to have fruit beds that have lovingly evolved and grown to incredible abundance. During berry season, I enjoy a tasty a smoothie on most mornings for breakfast. It also works wonders as a refreshing afternoon treat. […]

Malty-Maca, Mango & Coconut Smoothie

Check out my other healthy drinks here: Healthy Drinks In a culture that tends to bombard us with pollution, free-radicals, electro-smog and a myriad of vibrational lowering stress, I love to know that every morsel of what I eat is supporting my health and helping keep my vibration high. I love starting off the first meal of the day with a fresh juice or smoothie, loaded with nutritious gems.  Below, I’m sharing a recipe for my malty-maca, mango and coconut smoothie that delivers a plethora of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. […]

When I need a ‘Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink’!

Juicing can give us a potent hit of helpful nutrients – think ‘8 salads worth of high vibrational goodness in a glass’! There are an infinite number of combinations that you can create, yet, most people usually find a favourite combination that they go back to again and again. I’ve been juicing my favourite ‘super cleansing green tonic kale & coriander drink’ for years now… […]

Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie with Tahini

Smoothies make a regular appearance in our house around breakfast time each morning. Apples don’t always spring to mind when people think of smoothies, which is a bit of a pity because they really are one of natures finest super foods, well worthy of our attention. I find that adding a little tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds – see notes below) helps to slow down the release of fruit sugars, for more sustained energy levels throughout the morning (stops me feeling so hungry too). I notice that the delicate warming spice of cinnamon works particularly well in a smoothie during the winter months. Not only does it taste great but it helps to stabilise the release of blood sugar in our bodies; acts as an anti-fungal; anti-microbial; anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agent. Cinnamon is also high in calcium and manganese. This smoothie has a slight ‘chewiness’ that comes from adding dessicated coconut. A delicious breakfast time meal. […]