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Moringa consistently comes up as one of the most nutrient dense, antioxidant laden, medicinal foods on our planet. In fact, it is difficult to find another food richer than Moringa. In terms of concentration and variation, it comes very close to being a perfect food. Discover how it can help you… All about Moringa

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  • Mushroom Gravy_ by Trinity Bourne

Easy Vegan Mushroom Gravy Recipe (with video)

I am often asked to share my chunky mushroom gravy, so here we go! This is the perfect partner for healthy loaves, like my Gluten-free Seed Roast Loaf and [...]

  • Fig tart_320x256 border

Fig-a-licious Vegan Tart (gluten free, vegan) – with light, melt-in-the-mouth pastry!

I love dispelling the myth that healthy food can't be absolutely delicious.  There's something really satiating about eating a dessert that not only tastes scrumptious, but is also full [...]

  • Forest green goes vegan

The worlds first all-vegan football club!

No way! It's no longer unusual to be vegan! People from all walks of life are celebrating the benefits of a totally plant-based diet. After eating a totally plant-based [...]

  • Coconut fudge by Trinity Bourne

Coconut Chocolate Fudge with creamed coconut – only 4 ingredients, dairy-free, vegan

I spent years and years without fudge! It's ordinarily laden with dairy and sugar, so I steered well clear of it. Then, a few years back, I discovered creamed [...]

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