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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe – gluten-free, vegan

Most recipes that I make are only ever made once, on the spur of the moment - divinely inspired in the here-and-now, never written down or even remembered. I [...]

Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup with warming spices

Nothing beats a one pot, no fuss meal, for some spur of the moment deliciousness. I enjoy this as a well rounded, nurturing evening meal. This soup contains a [...]

Chia Mango Breakfast Pudding Bowl – super healthy deliciousness

Being a retreat chef - what a joy! Not only do I get to make the most delicious soul-inspired food and serve it to the most beautiful souls on [...]

Raw Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Avocado & Banana

I am having a flashback moment! About 14 years ago, when I lived near Brighton, in Sussex, I used to host raw-vegan potlucks. People would come from, all-over, near [...]

Raw Hemp Energy Balls with Cacao & Dates

Oh yes - the Raw Hemp Energy Balls are here! Hemp is one of natures finest superfoods. I am not talking about the stuff that gets you high. I [...]

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